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What is new
ZView has released V5.0 software for all platforms. The latest software targets 32/64 bit Windows 7. Also support Windows XP and Windows Vista

XGA digital camera provides HDTV resolution and shows live image directly on LCD monitor

For complete line of turn-key systems, please visit Digital Precision Corporation web site at www.dpccorp.com



ZView provides the most comprehensive and advanced video dimensional measurement, imaging and visual inspection software and packages to customers worldwide. The software supports systems such as video microscopes, measuring microscopes, optical projectors and multi-sensor coordinate measuring systems (CMM).


Microscope Software

  Save image and video
  Image documentation
  Image analysis
  Image comparison
  Precision measurement
  Part programming
  CAD export


Measuring Microscope Software

  Support manual stage with encoders
  Support high resolution digital camera
  Motorized Z axis and auto-focus
  Low to very high magnification
  Touch probe
  Measurement and profiling


DVCMM Software

  Support motorized DVCMM
  Support high resolution digital camera
  Programmable zoom and lighting
  Programmable lighting
  Laser 3D profiling
  Multiple sensor
  Multiple optics and cameras from different view


3D Analysis Software

  Support laser, white light or confocal sensor
  Point or area sensor
  Surface profiling and analysis
  Precision height measurement
  Combine video for alignment and automation


Digital Camera

  USB2 digital camera
  XGA digital camera
  CCD camera
  G-Net digital camera
  Camera link digital camera
  Frame grabber




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