The MSP-3000 software is PC-based, multi-sensor, dimensional measurement software, for manual Coordinate Measuring Machines. The software supports touch-probe and high resolution digital camera and uses the latest digital image processing technology to analyze video images for dimensional measurement. It then compares the measurement to nominal values and tolerances to identify conditions of non-conformance. With the encoder interface, the software can measure up the size of the stage.

The software is for Windows2000/XP. It takes advantage of the latest operating systems and provides a familiar, graphical environment to complete your measurement. The software can be easily linked to other Windows applications, such as spreadsheets and SPC packages. The DMP-3000 tolerance functions conform to ASME Y14.5M 1994 requirements.

bulletSupport touch trigger probe for 3-D measurement.
bulletSupport high resolution digital camera or frame grabber for live display, measurement and annotation.
bulletUp to three axes display and measurement.
bulletStage mapping.
bulletMultiple screen layouts for your special needs.
bullet3D graphics and multiple view representations for easy dimensional measurement.
bulletAdvanced edge detection for accurate measurement.
bulletDatum reference frame for alignment and tolerance.
bulletSave, open, run and edit part program capability.
bulletImage tools and tolerance group editing.
bulletBi-directional CAD interface.
bulletReal-time DDE link to other applications, such as spreadsheets.
bulletFlexible data format for SPC and post processing.
bulletCustom report.
bulletColor or B/W live image or stored image processing.
bulletInternational language support.
bulletOn-line help.


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