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About us



Our Mission:

To bring quality solutions to satisfy your inspection and metrology needs.

Company Profile:

Since 1996, ZVIEW has been a lead provider of the most comprehensive and advanced video dimensional measurement, imaging and visual inspection software and packages to customers worldwide.    

ZVIEW products provide a broad range of capabilities. The software not only supports systems such as video microscopes, measuring microscopes, optical projectors but also multi-sensor digital video coordinate measuring systems (DVCMM).

ZView has become as a leader in digital imaging for precision measurement. The product offers cutting edge new technologies, which significantly increase measuring accuracy and productivity.     

ZVIEW software is easy to use, flexible and adaptive. It includes several series with different functionalities. The DMP series supports NTSC/PAL frame grabbers, FireWire (IEEE1394), CameraLink, USB2 and other cameras and interface. The View series is for special applications, including ViewX for X-ray applications.      

ZVIEW professionals are highly knowledgeable with years of experience in the industry.  Contact us today for questions or comments about our software.

Sample Customers who are currently using our software:

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