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ViewS3D is a surface 3D analysis software that offers data visualization and analysis for 3D data. The software is designed as a virtual reality 3D screen that brings the nanoworld to your for exploration. The 3D representation of the measured image as live real time interactive surface helps to analyze data in most natural and intuitive way.

The software features our unique set of 3D interactive measuring tools such as markers, intersection planes, volume, mouse XYZ position read out, distance measurement, range of interest (ROI) selection. Main parameters of the surface is returned as reports for the whole data set or within specific tool.

bulletOptimized compression algorithm for large data sets
bulletMouse drag controlled rotation, pan and zoom
bulletPredefined and user defined palettes
bullet1D cut plot (intersections) read out
bulletWaviness and roughness measurement
bulletInteractive mouse operating distance, area and volume measurement
bulletHole analysis: volume, surface, perimeter, mean and max depth
bulletMeasurement Report
bulletElevation Z Low-High cut-off filter
bulletGeometrical transformation: zoom, inversion
bulletLeveling, form removal
bulletSmooth surface filter
bulletContour plots
bulletImage 3D rendering
bulletFlexible output JPG, BMP, AVI files




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