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The ViewX is designed for X-ray application and it is easy to use. The software can perform real-time frame averaging to reduce random noise and improve image quality. It provides functions for your daily usage, such as image documentation, image annotation, measurement and visual inspection. The software is very easy to use and provides a low cost solution to improve your productivity.

The software acquires images from an image capture card or a digital camera for real-time display. It also can import images from TWAIN, files and clipboard, and displays them on your computer screen. The software reads and writes images in many file formats and handles standard size to large size of images. In live mode with frame grabber or digital camera, the software shows image in real time. You can view, analyze, process or measure the image. You can compare archived images to a live image or other archived images. Then you can save, print or output image, or image with results.

The software uses advanced edge-detection technology and gives you sub-pixel accuracy for your measurement. If the edge detection is enabled, you do not need to select a point exactly on the edge. The software will automatically search the edge for you and will deliver fast, reliable and repeatable measurement results. You can format measurement results and send them to spreadsheet in real-time. The calibration is simple, easy and automatic.

bulletFrame averaging to reduce noise and improve image quality
bulletImage Documentation, annotation and comparison
bulletImage database
bulletVisual Inspection
bulletAutomatic Edge Detection
bulletHigh Precision Measurement
bulletFlexible Data Formatting
bulletReal Time Data to Spreadsheet
bullet3D image render
bulletTWAIN Support
bulletInternational Language Support
bulletOn-line Help

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